4 tips for Mid-century modern Interior design

4 tips for Mid-century modern Interior design

The Fall is here and you need to decorate your house and be prepared for the remaining months. The living room is the heart of every home, thus it should be your first room to decorate. One of the most stunning ways of redecorating your living room is implementing the mid-century interior modern style. MCM interior designs are simple and functional to offer an unrivalled nostalgia and timelessness. Keep scrolling for more insight into MCM interior design.

Add aspects of MCM interior design notions

Being among the most attractive styles of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, MCM interior design is long-lasting and beautiful. Opt for clean tiles and simplified form for a perfect retro style. The form should follow function with the shapes being organic.

Focus your attention on an open-plan layout for an airy atmosphere and to allow your living room to seamlessly flow into other rooms. To achieve this, use an open floor plan, glass panes and sliding doors.


Accessories can make or break your room’s look. Opt for vintage pieces or shop online for accessories that match with your personality. Regardless of your preference, the shade plays an important role in mid-century art. Thus, opt for bold items from painters such as Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol who adopted the post-world war II atomic style.

Choose your furniture

Search for MCM-inspired or authentic furniture and settle for those with tapered legs. You can also pick furniture with manufacturing and hardware tagged as from Yugoslavia, America, Italy, Denmark or Japan. Wooden and timber veneer furniture are icons of the mid-century era. Opt for furniture with dark shades and organic timber finishes like walnut. The rounded and slender dining chairs, timber credenza and the Eames chair are icons of the MCM era.

Select your shades

The MCM colour palette features the ’50s popular bright colours and other shades that erupted in ’60s. If you are looking for a traditional aesthetic, settle for dark red or olive green shades. However, if you want a contemporary or glamorous look for MCM interior designs, settle for pastel shades, black, white, navy, cream or beige shades. Use Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style for more details about the topic.