A Few Ideas On How to Style a Sideboard

A Few Ideas On How to Style a Sideboard

Sideboards are available in various sizes and styles, such as classic mid-century originals, modern designer pieces, chunky beasts, and so on. It’s important to know these aspects before purchasing a new sideboard to ensure it conforms to your room’s style. Apart from the type, sideboards are more than practical; their wide surface area enables them to showcase opportunity. This post will help you learn how to style yours.

Stack Books

Before purchasing a new sideboard, style it using books. Choose hardcover copies that pique your interest and stack them vertically and horizontally for more interest. Instead of holding them with bookends, try utilizing a stylish tool such as a jar with brass lids. However, you can also buy a new sideboard.

Add Color

Rusty old sideboards can still be useful. If you recently updated your dining room, and you’re considering throwing away your old sideboard, then pause for a second. A fresh paint coat in a primary shade will transform the look of your worn sideboard. Opt for a single tone in lemon yellow or bright orange. Apply paint on their unit while keeping it uniform without painting any other part differently. Don’t forget to detach the knobs then refit or swap them out with new ones.

Include Art

Before purchasing a new sideboard, note that Sideboards offer storage and make an incredible platform that enables you to venture into other design notions. An appropriately installed sideboard usually occupies the longest wall. If you select a smaller wall, it may restrict movement. Take advantage of the wall space above your sideboard and use it for art pieces since the sideboard forms a visual frame. You can hang your art geometrically above your sideboard or mount it on top. Both looks will get you similar results. Ensure you complete an arty sideboard appearance by topping it with a centrepiece sculpture or an assortment of flowers.

Group Items

Ensure you blend the number of items in groupings. For instance, you can use one large vase, two bigger books, and two small books to create a group of three. You can have another category of two; wood garland and pedestal bowl. Put your groupings in different heights to visually differentiate them. Make this functional by selecting a box that holds your TV remotes.